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on: October 13, 2020, 09:01:41 am
So the old PHPBB forum was too plain for me, so over the weekend I looked for a new alternative....

This one (SMF Forum) is was better in my opinion!

Added a new theme and it looks FANTASTIC!

Added a Shoutbox plugin - only has 1 flaw that I have not figured out - if a message is too long, it will not show up - will just show the user and the time - so until I find out how to fix that, just keep the messages short!

Also added a gallery - so let's see some of those awesome looking RC Cars!

There is also a video player that is installed!  Just start a post and put the link for Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo in the body of the message and you should see the video able to be played there instead of just seeing the link!

Also, the forum is set to email you if someone sends you a Message on the board!

Verification is working great!

I've sent messages out to people inviting them - if you know of anyone that may be interested, TELL THEM!



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